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How to Place Order 如何订购 / 2011-03-22

 ✿ How to Place Order ✿ 如何订购!

【 1 】Go to ->
【 2 】Free register members 免费注册新户口
【 3 】Member login 会员登入
【 4 】Choose your prefer product 选择所喜爱的商品
【 5 】Add your purchases item to shopping cart. 加入购物车
【 6 】Press checkout for calculated the total amount. 计算总额
【 7 】Fill in buyer’s info 填写个人资料
【 8 】Submit Order 提交订单
【 9 】Make payment 付款
【10 】Submit payment notice 提交付款证明通知
【11 】Finish, waiting for receive your goods.  完成! 等待商品送到!



Register a account 注册新户口
    1. Kindly register & log in as a member in order to preceed to next step.


Purchase Product  购买商品
    1. Kindly view & select your order items, press  [Add to Cart 加入购物车]  button after confirm the size, colour & quantity in order proceed to next step. You also can select & ad your prefer items into  [Add to Favorite 加入收藏夹],so that u may order next time by click the favorite list.

      在会员登入中的状态下,浏览并选择你所要购买的商品,请确认所需的尺码、颜色和数量,然后点击加入购物车[Add to Cart 加入购物车]购买。如果你有很多喜欢的商品,你也可以把喜欢的商品先 [Add to Favorite 加入收藏夹],供下次再购买哦!


      Kindly confirm the order items in the shopping cart (u may change the quantity or remove item anytime), then click [Check Out 终算订单],

      当把所有要购买的商品都加入购物车后,请确认商品列表中的商品正确无误(你还可以任意修改商品“数量”或取消商品),然后点击 [Check Out 终算订单],


      and fill in  [Consignee Info 收货人]  and choose the [Shipping Method 送货方式],  [Payment Method 支付方式  ], then and  [Submit Order 提交订单] . (please provide the correct information)

      并填写 [Consignee Info 收货人] 的资料, 并选择 [Shipping Method 送货方式][Payment Method 支付方式  ], 然后 [Submit Order 提交订单] 及安排付款以完成交易。(请填写正确、完整的详细资料,方便我们与您取得联系)。


Payment Notice 付款通知
    1. Once payment had been made, please notify us by [Payment Notice 付款通知] , fill up the order number, amount, date, upload payment slip, payment method, name, contact & email address. Please keep the payment slip until goods delivery.

      在您完成汇款后,请填写 [Payment Notice 付款通知] 尽快联络我们查款,并填写您的订单号码,汇款的金额、汇款的日期,支付方式、银行名称,及您的会员名称。请务必保存您的银行汇款收据或转帐记录,以备不时之需。


Delivery 配货处理
    1. The items will be deliver to buyer once received the payment & the stock arrived / ready. Buyer may check the order record anytime & trace the parcel through shipment tracking. KIndly notify us after receive the parcel, if any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at MSN, facebook or email. We will reply you as soon as posible. Thanks.

      确认订单内容可以点击会员中心的交易记录查明货品状态及快递追踪编号。请您在收到商品确认无误后,请通知我们,我们将感激不尽!如有疑问,随时可以联系我MSN  或Facebook留言或email咨询!我们会尽快回复你的,谢谢!!   















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  • Anonymous user ( 2015-03-23 16:44:23 )

    How come cannot register? keep saying The suspension of registration Shop

    AdministratorU also can place order without register, tq.

  • Anonymous user ( 2014-12-16 23:05:56 )



  • Anonymous user ( 2013-06-29 01:20:36 )

    still can place order??
    do u have fb account?

    Administratoryes, u can place order.
    This is our FB email ~
    Thanks !

  • Anonymous user ( 2012-01-19 22:27:53 )

    how to calculate the postage?

    AdministratorWest Malaysia 西马
    Flat Rate RM6 (First 500g), Add RM 1.00 (for Every 500g)
    FREE SHIPPING with purchase of RM 200 or above

    1-2 working days depends on location

    East Malaysia 东马
    For Sarawak 砂拉越
    Flat Rate RM8 (First 500g), Add RM 2.00 (for Every 500g)
    FREE SHIPPING with purchase of RM 400 or above
    免费寄送如订购RM 400或以上

    For Sabah 沙巴
    Flat Rate RM9 (First 500g), Add RM 3.00 (for Every 500g)
    FREE SHIPPING with purchase of RM 400 or above
    免费寄送如订购RM 400或以上

    1-3 working days depends on location

  • Elyn ( 2011-12-21 13:36:03 )


    Administratorthanks for your comment.

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