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Terms & Conditions 购物须知 / 2010-10-04


下单前注意事项 Note:
  1. 1)   下单前请详细检阅商品照片及说明. 切勿凭空想象, 请看好尺寸和颜色后才下单。
  2. 2)   图片颜色会因电脑银幕设定差異会略有不同,以实际商品颜色為准,请见諒。
  3. 3)   所有商品以实物照为标准. 切勿以模特儿照片凭空想象, 看好实物照, 尺寸和颜色后才下单。
  4. 4)   网站上大部分的衣服类并没有经过洗涤测试,建议您第一次洗衣服时,尤其是深色衣服,应分开处理。
  5. 5)   每一样货物出门绝不退换哦!
  6. 6)   本公司一律不接受以颜色不喜欢,色差,没有想象中漂亮,太透明,太薄,太大,太小,尺寸不一,穿着不舒服
  7.        等理由退换!因為模特兒都是很漂亮的,不管是臉蛋,身材髮型都有一定的水準。所以他們穿出來当然会很漂亮
  8.        了! 世上沒 有丑女人,只有懶女人,美眉們只要會化妝打理一下,當然也能跟圖片里的模特兒一樣漂亮的哦!
  9. 7)   本公司是以薄利多销的方式来销售,所以一切的价格已定。
  1. 1)   Please take note on the product detail description and product picture especially the color and
  2.        measurment of the item before order.
  3. 2)   Products color on the photo may slightly vary from the actual product colors due to different
  4.        computer display settings.
  5. 3)   Please do not imagine the outcome based on the model picuture without checking on the 
  6.        measurement and colors. Please take the Actual Picture as the final expectation.
  7. 4)   Most of the clothes in the website have not undergo the Washing Care test. It's advisable for
  8.        you to treat it seperately when you do the first laundry especially those dark color clothing.
  9. 5)   Goods sold are not returnable.
  10. 6)   The company do not accept any exchange or return of apparel under any circumstances or
  11.        reason,  such as: dislike the color, think that the color is different with a photo, size too small
  12.        or big, too transparent, color different and not comfortable.
  13. 7)   The company is selling low-margin way, so all the price is decided on.
付费说明 Payment Policy
  1. 1)    您可以通过银行汇款或信用卡直接转账来付费。
  2. 2)    付费后, 您可以选择通过 MSN / Email 通知我们. 请记得附上您的订单号, 账户姓名, 付款时间还有,转账款项。
  3. 3)    汇款后,请您尽快给予通知,不然会导致延迟收到货物。如你没给予通知会导致您收不到货物,因为每天都
  4.         有不同的客户汇钱到本公司户口,所以您必须给予通知哦!
  1. 1)    To pay, you may transfer the amount to us by Manual Fund Transfer or Online Credit Card
  2.         Payment.
  3. 2)    After Payment, buyers may inform us via MSN / Email by addressing the ordernumber,
  4.         Bank Account Name,  Payment time and the Payment Amount. For details, please refer
  5.         to the FAQ : How to make payment.
  6. 3)    After Payment, please inform us immediately, if not will delay goods delivery.
发货说明 Delivery Policy
  1. 1)    如您订购的商品是现货商品,您将在付款后的3天内收到货物。(不包括公共假期,周末假日及天气问题之类)
  2. 2)    如您订购的商品是预购商品,您将在付款后的2个星期内收到货物。(不包括公共假期,周末假日及天气问题之类)
  3. 3)    我们可能会因技术或人手问题而延迟发货并不另行通知. 急用的订单必须在订货单上特别说明。
  4. 4)    如果出现缺货的问题,我们会尽量联络您以调换其他颜色或款式. 在特定情况我们也会直接退款给你。
  5. 5)    出货后,我们会用电邮联络您有关包裹的追踪号. 在发货后的3天还没有收到包裹,请您直接联络有关快递公司以
  6.        了解情况。
  7. 6)    如果您填写了错误(或无人签收)的地址或联络电话而导致包裹被退回来, 我们不会负责有关重发的邮费。 买家必
  8.        须另付邮费,我们才会帮你重新发货。
  9. 7)    所有货物还没包邮费。
  10. 8)    貨物一收到就會馬上出货~请放心哦!
  1. 1)    If your purchases item is ready stock item, you may received the goods within 3 days after make the payment.
  2.        (no including public holiday, weekend and weather problem)
  3. 2)    If your purchases item is pre order item, you may received the goods within 2 weeks after make the payment.
  4.        (no including public holiday, weekend and weather problem)
  5. 3)    We may delay your order delivery without prior notice due to technical or resources problem.
  6.         For urgent order, please make note in your order form so we can do our best to carry out a
  7.         special arrangement for you.
  8. 4)    If happens that your ordered item is out of stock, we will try our best to contact you before
  9.         sending out the parcel. However under certain conditions, we will refund to you directly.
  10. 5)    After sending out your parcel, we will inform you the tracking number by your contact email.
  11.         If you are not receiving your parcel after 3 days, please contact the courier company directly.
  12. 6)    If you've given us an invalid address or contact number and causing the parcel to be returned
  13.         to us, we will not in charge on the shipping for resending the parcel. Buyers will have to pay
  14.         us the additional shipping to resend the parcel.
  15. 7)    All the goods shown in website are not including shipping fee.
  16. 8)    When the goods reach, our company will send out as soon as possible.


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